DUVE Webinar

27. maj 2021

DUVE Webinar

This webinar marks the closing of DUVE, an Erasmus+ funded project focusing upon the prevention of violence against children in Denmark, Uganda and Vietnam. The webinar highlights areas of concern and contains presentations from experts in Israel, Canada and Denmark.

Please note that the webinar will be recorded.
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13:30 - 13:45  Welcome

Sami Stephan Boutaiba, Director of Pedagogy and Management, University College Absalon

Helene Kelly, DUVE project manager, International Consultant, University College Absalon

13:45 - 14:10 "Bypassing dissociation through drawings: expressing the forbidden unspoken experience" 

Professor Rachel Lev-Wiesel, Head of the Body & Mind Psychotherapy track, Social Work, Tel Hai Academic Center, Israel

Child sexual abuse, a prevalent phenomenon impacts the victim's physical and mental health. There is a huge gap between disclosure rates and prevalence of the phenomenon. This prevents the victim from receiving appropriate treatment. However, the more severe the abuse, the higher the reluctance to disclose. Validated drawings tools such as self-figure drawing (AI system to detect CSA) and "draw what you preferred never had happened to you" that can be used by practitioners to bypass dissociative mechanism automatically employed during and following sexual abuse,  will be presented.

14:15 - 14:40 "Violence against Children in Canada: exploring the Canadian context”

Dr. Jaspreet Bal, Faculty of Social and Community Services, Humber College, Canada

Canada has a history of systemic inequities that impact IBPOC (Indigenous, Black and Person of Colour) children disproportionately. Canada has been criticized nationally and internationally for the discrepancies in the treatment of children and the resulting violence in their lives. This presentation will set up the context of violence in Canada to understand what that violence looks like. Best practices arising from within those communities will be considered for application within and outside of Canada. 

14:55 - 15:15 “The professional dilemma – the social educator balance between trust and control”

Bente Møller-Jensen, Senior Lecturer, Social Education, University College Absalon

The building up of trust with the child as well as the parents is essential, even though they can be perceived as counterparts. This trust may open up for details, which you as a professional are obliged to inform the authorities about.  

15:20 - 15:40 “Prevention of child abuse and violence against children: political initiatives and social work in the field”

Andrey Lukyanov-Renteria, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Social Work, University College Absalon

With inspiration from the UN Convention on Rights of the Child and children's rights the Danish Initiative Against Violence Against Children (Overgrebspakken, 2015) increased attention with respect to the prevention of violence against children as well as better support for victims of violence. This initiative had a huge impact on social work in municipalities, at schools and kindergartens.

The experiences from Denmark can provide inspiration regarding professional collaboration and a new organizational approach to child protection cases.

15:45 - 15:55 Final questions and thank you 

Stephanie Wenzell Aziz, Team Manager, International Office, University College Absalon

More information about DUVE

Read more about DUVE here, and watch a video about the project produced by students from Humber College, Canada. 





27. maj 202113:30 - 15:55
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