Conference Roskilde Denmark

Children and Youth on the Edge: Collaborative innovations in education

The 16-17th of november 2017

University College Absalon, Denmark, is happy to host the conference Children and Youth on the Edge in partnership with The Taos Institute, USA and UngInvest AIB, Norway the 16-17th of November 2017

This conference is an International Learning Festival: Sharing, exploring and creating new ideas and practices

This conference is dedicated to the welfare of the many at-risk students in our educational systems

  1. immigrants
  2. special needs children
  3. those from broken or dysfunctional homes
  4. the impoverished
  5. the alienated and unmotivated

Many struggle, many fail, many are marginalized, and many will never complete their education. This conference focuses especially on collaborative innovations in theory and practice for improving the conditions and chances of these students.

How can we cross boundaries between teachers and the taught, school and home, care-givers and  those they serve, and local schools and national policy makers?

How can we expand the domain in which we work with each other and not on each other?

Target audience

The conference is for teachers, scholars, school administrators, care-giving professionals, representatives from council and government - and students alike!

We look forward to seeing you in Roskilde

Keynote speakers

PROFESSOR Kenneth J. Gergen
Founding member, President of the Taos Institute
Dr. Larry Espe
Former superintendent of a school district located in northeastern British Columbia, Canada
Ingebjørg Mæland
Head of the the school UngInvest AIB

Collaborating Institutions

With the Support of

Invitation by Kenneth J. Gergen
The Crown Prince Haakon of Norway in dialogue with Tine from UngInvest AIB