ENPHE seminar Roskilde, Denmark - The 13th to 14th of April 2018

Welcome to the ENPHE seminar at University College Absalon

Pre-seminar session on April 12th

Seminar on April 13th to April 14th

On these pages you will find useful information about registration, travel, prices and accommodation.

On behalf of the Professionshøjskolen Absalon we welcome you to participate in the ENPHE seminar in April 2018. We are proud to host the seminar in the medieval city of Roskilde, where kings and queens of Denmark are buried, and from where the vikings put to see.

You will have ample opportunity to debate professional and educational issues, meet with collaborators and also relax and mingle through social events. Through your participation you will contribute to generate new knowledge and develop expertise that will help qualify the physiotherapist education for future requirements.

Both educators and students are invited to attend the seminar. Students are arriving for the Thursday session while educators join in for the Friday and Saturday sessions.

In addition to providing only ecological food at the seminar, we have decided, in order to be careful with the environment, on all information and communication will be taking place through digital means, so remember to bring your computer/notebook! And please don't forget any adapters or connectors you will need for your equipment, especially if you are carrying Mac notebooks.

Organizing Seminar

During the ENPHE seminar you can participate in the working groups that deliver products to the development of the physiotherapist education. The working groups focus on:

  • Facilitation of Learning
  • Research
  • Practice-based Learning
  • Professional Issues
  • Internationalization
Take a journey through Roskilde's history (VisitRoskilde)
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