How to get to Campus Roskilde

Denmark has a well-functioning public transportation system with bus and train connections across the entire country and Campus Roskilde has bus and train connections very close by. You can take trains from Copenhagen Airport to Campus Roskilde.

You can find your train and bus connections in Denmark from the international airport Kastrup in Copenhagen to Roskilde (and from Roskilde to Campus Roskilde at the train stop “Trekroner”) through the online journey planner “Rejseplanen” 

Please note:

Campus Roskilde is officially situated at “Trekroner Forskerpark 4, 4000 Roskilde”.

  • By train: Campus Roskilde is close to the train station Trekroner (a fifteen-minute walk)
  • By bus: You can take the Bus 220 from Roskilde Station to Campus Roskilde.
  • By bicycle: You may rent a bike at your hotel. Ask at your hotel for this possibility.
  • By car: Parking spaces are available in limited numbers, so we recommend public transportation or arrival early at Campus Roskilde for your stay.



Campus Roskilde


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