Social Events

Wednesday the 11th of April

17.00: Student Tour - Meet & Greet Copenhagen

On Wednesday evening there’ll be a meet & greet for the students, where we’ll have a stroll past some of the iconic buildings and statues in Copenhagen, and we’ll end up at the old Meatpacking District, where we’ll fire up the big grill at Fermentoren, Copenhagen’s cosiest craft-beer-bar, and don’t worry, if you’re not into beer they have plenty of other drinks as well.

The student tour takes place
Wednesday the 11th of April from 17.00 at Østerport Station in Copenhagen, and it’s a 5km walk past many beautiful sites towards Fermentoren
We’ll fire up the grill at 19.00, so you can also meet us right there.

Thursday the 12th of April

17.30-18.30: Volleyball match

After the first day of the ENPHE seminar and before the evening welcoming reception, maybe it’s good to clear the head a bit with some physical activity? We’ll open up the sport halls at our PH Absalon, and here you can join in for some good old Volleyball. Some of our students will prepare a short warm-up, and for newcomers to the game, we explain some of the basics, before we’ll play some matches.

The Volleyball match takes place
Thursday the 12th of April from 17.30 to 18.30
at PH Absalon’s sports halls situated at Campus Roskilde.

Bring your own sports gear.

19.30 to 22.00: Welcoming Reception at The Grand Gaswork Hall of RoS Gallery

We are looking forward to see all participants of the ENPHE seminar in Roskilde at an enjoyable evening where there will be served sparkling wine and finger sandwiches (included in the seminar fee).

The reception takes place
Thursday the 12th of April from 19.30 to 22.00
at the RoS Gallery, Vindeboder 1A, 4000 Roskilde

Information about the venue:

RoS Gallery is situated at the port of Roskilde in the beautiful old gas works. Modern art from Danish as well as international artists are presented in the art gallery that covers five floors of the gas works. In the tower room at the top you may enjoy - apart from the art works - a fantastic 360 degree view of Roskilde city and the Roskilde fjord.

Friday the 13th of April

15.30 - 18.30: In the wake of the Vikings - Guided tour of the Viking Ship Museum

The recreated ships and a taste of the Viking Age

The guided tour takes its starting point at the five original Viking Ships found in Roskilde Fjord, and you will be told the story of how the thousand year old ships were successfully restored as sailing examples of the fantastic craftsmanship of the vikings. You will gain an insight of how reconstructions of the Viking Ships are handled, with tools, materials and techniques.

After that you will get the opportunity to taste the Viking Age

Dare you taste the Viking Age? What did they eat on board the ships during the long sea voyages? That is a question that the museum is often asked. We tell about life at sea and we give you samples of food to taste, including dried meat, nuts, dried fruits and bread. In addition you get to try out a glass of mead and apple juice.

The guided tour takes place 

Friday the 13th of April from 15.30 - 18.30
at the Viking Ship Museum, Vindeboder 12, 4000 Roskilde
Price 210 DKR.


19.00: Dinner at Café Knarr - Enter the culinary world of the Vikings

You will be served a meal that is prepared according to the principles of 'New Nordic Viking food'. The raw materials used are those that the Vikings knew and used so you will not find any potatoes, tomatoes or cucumbers at the dinner table, but instead flat bread, angelica, sea buckthorn and pearl barley.

In this way the food will connect the maritime history and the raw materials of the Vikings, and at the same time the food also tells a story about the world the Vikings discovered at their journeys to far away lands and the new food cultures they encountered.

Dinner in Café Knarr takes place 
Friday the 13th of April from 19.00 -
at the Café Knarr, Vindeboder 12, 4000 Roskilde.
Evening buffet 200 DKR + you pay for your own drinks

Saturday the 14th of April

16.00 - 17.00: Relay Cup

On Saturday before the Gala Night, we’d like to invite you all to participate in the ENPHE Relay Cup. After a small jog we’ll create teams of 3 participants and all the teams will battle against each other in a relay where every team has to run 3x5 times around the lake next to Roskilde University (approx 500-600m each lap). The winner brings home the cup, but of course it’s all about participation!

The ENPHE Relay Cup takes place
Saturday the 14th of April from 16.00 - 17.00
From PH Absalon at Campus Roskilde around the lake area nearby

Bring your own sports gear for running.

19.30: Gala dinner in Restaurant Snekken Trattoria

Restaurant Snekken is situated at the harbour with a panoramic view of Roskilde Fjord and the yachting harbour. You will be served a 3 course dinner menu and two glasses of wine/water at a price of 515 DKR incl. VAT.

The gala dinner takes place 
Saturday the 14th of April from 19.30
at the Restaurant Snekken traktoria, Vindeboder 16, 4000 Roskilde

Take a journey through Roskilde's history (VisitRoskilde)
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