University College Zealand has changed name to University College Absalon

From August 1st 2017, University College Zealand has changed name to University College Absalon. The new name - together with a new visual identity - will help create a sharper profile and greater recognition for our institution.

The name is inspired by Bishop Absalon who played a central role in the history of Denmark and especially the region of Zealand.

Absalon was a visionary man, yet, down to earth and resourceful. He was well-educated and an important society modernizer, however still based on solid traditions. These are some of the personal qualities that the citizens of the mid-1100s knew Bishop Absalon for. Absalon was from this region, and significant traces from him and his family are still present in the region today. He created development and progress locally as well as nationally. 


About the Absalon Name

Chairman of the Board, Hans Stige, is convinced that both employees, students and everyone else will welcome the new name:

"By nature, Absalon is a good name, so there is good reason to be proud to work for and study at a place called University College Absalon.

We will continue to be as visionary and ambitious as Absalon, so right now we can hardly wait to get through spring and summer, so that we can finally start using the new name and new identity."


A Society Builder and an Academic


As a royal adviser, Absalon has had a very big influence on the development of Denmark since the mid-1100s.


He was also one of the few Danes who received an academic education at that time. In Paris, he studied philosophy, Latin and theology before becoming the Bishop of Roskilde at 30 years old.


Today, he is also known as a visionary mediator, because he asked the clerk Saxo to write Denmark's history up until 1185 in the work Gesta Danorum, which has had a crucial importance for today's historians.


Therefore, there are many good reasons why we have chosen to be named after Bishop Absalon, says Chairman of the Board, Hans Stige:


When you read the story of Absalon, it is clear that you cannot find a better role mode. He was in many ways a visionary and well-educated man, who understood how to create results, says Hans Stige, further pointing out that Bishop Absalon has also shown great personal courage - by personally heading out as a commander and defeating the Wends, which caused great nuisance along Zealand's coasts at the time.


Read more about Bishop Absalon here.

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