Campus Sorø

Full-degree bachelor programs (In Danish only)

Bachelor in Nutrition and Health

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Sorø was founded in 1161. It is the location of Sorø Academy built in 1140. This year Sorø Klosterkirke was also built (the third longest church in Denmark). 

Sorø is surrounded by nature, forests and lakes. Very well suited for long walks along the lakes, where you can pass Sorø Academy and its adjoining parks.

Information about the city of Sorø.


Campus Sorø, Ankerhus

Slagelsevej 70

4180 Sorø


Local activities:

  • Local cinema called Victoria Teatret. Most foreign films are shown in the original language with Danish subtitles.
  • Local cafés and restaurants
  • Local museums (Sorø Museum and Sorø Art Museum)
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