Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology

Our Bachelor Program of Engineering in Biotechnology combines biology, chemistry and science of engineering

During the studies you will learn to apply in depth  knowledge of biochemical and biotechnological processes according to production of drugs (medicine), food industry and environmental challenges.

You will get acquainted with methods used in the field of biotechnology of industrial production.

You will also obtain knowledge of engineering principles relevant to the processing of materials by microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa and viruses) or plant and animal cells to create useful products or industrial processes.

Program structure

The degree focuses on biotechnology, for example how cells are used as small factories in the production of medicine and foodstuffs, or how they are used in purification of wastewater or converting waste into energy - biofuels.

You will gain theoretical knowledge within biotechnology and will be working with the following disciplines:

  • Cell and microbiology
  • Biotechnology and protein chemistry
  • General and technical chemistry
  • Mathematics and statistics

Moreover, you will get acquainted with a line of technical subjects such as chemical unit operations, practical regulation, fermentation and chemical reaction engineering.

From the very beginning of your education, you will start bridging theory and practice, integrating obtained theoretical knowledge with real-life professional practice. Our Bachelor of Engineering program is based on the close cooperation with local companies – bio manufactory market leaders such as Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, Statoil, DONG etc.

The last year of studies includes a mandatory internship, elective courses and bachelor thesis which provide you with a unique opportunity to tailor these activities in close collaboration with the companies.

Program stucture

In the lab

Term 1 - 30 ECTS

Engineering professional skills and industry skills
General and organic chemistry 
Industrial biotechnology
Mathematics and statistics

Organizational skills
Problem-based working methods

Project assignment 
Practical biotechnological problem solution

Term 2 - 30 ECTS

Engineering professional skills and industry skills
Mathematics and statistics
General and applied microbiology
Physical chemistry

Organizational skills
Resource management

Project assignment
The role of microorganisms in industry

In the Process

Term 3 - 30 ECTS

Engineering professional skills and industry skills
Chemical engineering 
Chemical unit operations
Molecular biology
Enzyme technology

Term 4 - 30 ECTS

Engineering professional skills and industry skills
Analytical chemistry
Applied mathematics

Organizational skills
Collaboration with companies
Project management

Project assignment
Fermentation technology

Term 5 - 30 ECTS

Engineering professional skills and industry skills
Downstream processing
Quality assurance and control
Practical regulation and instrumentation
Elective courses

Organizational skills
Business case development
Collaboration with stakeholders
Project management tools

Project assignment
Downstream processing

The link between R&D and Process

Term 7 - 30 ECTS

Engineering professional skills and industry skills
Elective courses

Project assignment
Bachelor project

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