Accomodation in Kalundborg

Accommodation for students

The Municipality of Kalundborg guarantees accommodation for students.

The settlement team are ready to assist and will make an extra effort to help students finding accommodation at the start of their semester.  

The Municipality of Kalundborg is offering a ‘roof-over-your-head guarantee’
This is a guarantee offered to  students who are moving to Kalundborg and entering further education and who have not been able to find permanent accommodation. 

This guarantee ensures you a ‘roof over your head’ at the start of the semester. In this way you can focus on a good start at studying in Kalundborg.

Contact The Settlement Team by e-mail

Other places to apply for accomodation:

Live close to campus and the City of Kalundborg


For help with settlement in Kalundborg please contact

Kalundborg Settlement Team 

For international matters (students, applications and agents) please contact

Admission Office 

Ms. Dorthe Kjær Pedersen (Head of Center for Engineering) 

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