International STEAM Teacher - Honours Degree

Do you love Maths, Science and Art and are you interested in Technology? Then here is a really exciting opportunity to do so in an international context and get a mind-boggling education and excellent opportunities for a job when you are finished with the education.

If you join our International Honours Programme and choose specific modules to become a special International STEAM Teacher, you will end up with:

  • A particularly attractive and sought after job profile
  • Teaching competence in Maths, Science, Art and English in primary schools (class 1-6 in Denmark
  • Special competences in STEAM, i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics

During the education you will:

  • Study Maths abroad for one semester at our partner university in Sweden, Linnaeus University (
  • Have an opportunity to take one teaching practice abroad
  • Be connected to workshops/laboratories with special cross curricular projects with your teaching subjects