Aesthetic and Learning in Early Childhood Education

Dear student,

For the 9th year in a row, University College Absalon offers ALECE (Aesthetic and Learning in Early Childhood Education) at campus Roskilde. This international 30 ECTS BA-level programme explores the role of aesthetics for children’s learning, and challenges students not only to develop theoretical insights into learning processes and aesthetic experience, but also to develop and hone personal aesthetic skills in areas such as visual arts, drama, music and movement. This is achieved through collaboration with Danish daycare institutions and schools in and around Copenhagen and the broader region of Zealand. Here the ALECE students will work hands-on with aesthetic processes with children and in interdisciplinary settings.

We look forward to working with you and follow your journey as you experience the professional as well as personal benefits of experiencing, living and studying abroad.


Introduction week to Denmark and study groups

1. Aesthetic learning in theory and practice

2. Child development in a cultural perspective

3. Creative forms of expression


For ALECE 2021 we accept Danish and international students from teaching, social education, social work or related bachelor-level programmes. We give high priority to the diversity of the group. It is preferable – but not mandatory, that the students have had some practical experience with professional pedagogical work before attending the course.

The working language is English, and it is expected that students are capable of expressing themselves written and orally.

Practical information


February 1 - June 18, 2021 





I met with my students for two hours this morning. The main problem is going to be how do we match the wonderful experience they have had here when they get back to the UK???  They did not have one bad word to say and appear more confident and assured. All I can do is thank you for your kindness and the opportunity to see your great work here!! I would love to come again on a teaching exchange to understand in greater depth your unique approach

Peter Goy, Lecturer in Education (Early Years), Northampton University, UK