Children at Risk

August 20, 2018 – January 18, 2019

For students of social pedagogy or social work this international 30 ECTS BA-level course offers insight into important theory, methods and ethics related to professional social-pedagogical work with children, youth and families at risk. 

For the 13th time in a row, University College Absalon offers “Children at Risk” (CaR) at Campus Roskilde. A student enrolled in this course gains great theoretical and empirical benefits by participating in the Children at Risk course as well as great personal benefits by experiencing, living and studying abroad in a foreign country.


Introduction: Denmark and Danish Pedagogy

Module 1: Interdisciplinary work and Professional Communication

Module 2: Social-Pedagogical Work with Children and Youth at risk

Module 3: International Comparative Field Studies


For Children at Risk 2017 we accept international students from teaching, social pedagogy, social work or related bachelor educations. We give high priority to the diversity of the group. It is preferable - but not mandatory - that the students have had some practical experience with professional pedagogical work before attending the course. 

The working language is English.

Study activity model with a weekly 42-hour study load

The Children at Risk course teaching is based upon the Danish University College Study Activity Model with an average weekly 42-hours study load. Typical study-methods:

  • Half days classes with teacher along with student activity before and after classes
  • Lots of field-visits and empirical studies to experience Danish social- and pedagogical work and methods
  • Both individual and group based work under supervision from teachers
  • Different aspects of teacher initiated feedback and feedforward a long with peer2peer response on group assignments

Students can expect supervision during modules and in connection with module exams.

Practical information

University College Absalon, Campus Roskilde
Trekroner Forskerpark 4
4000 Roskilde


August 20, 2018 – January 18, 2019


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