Module 1: Interdisciplinary work and professional communication

During this module, you will learn about interdisciplinary collaboration in teams concerning children and juveniles at risk. You will acquire knowledge about interdisciplinary work, cultures, conflict management, professional approaches and communication. In addition, you will be working with inclusion, risk, resilience and protective factors as well as going on field-visits to different Danish institutions.

Competence goals:

  • You can identify, analyze and reflect on interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral dilemmas and potentials and reflect on how to engage in, coordinate and lead holistic and inter-collaborative processes.

Learning goals:

  • You have knowledge about and can reflect on collaborative and management approaches in an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • You have knowledge about and can reflect on the coordination of efforts to promote inclusion, well-being and health with other professions based on your own professionalism and focusing on user involvement and holistic action.
  • You have knowledge about different cultural and identity understandings and their importance in professional work.

You gain knowledge, understanding and can reflect on theories and methodological approaches, including research and development-based knowledge.

Practical information

University College Absalon, Campus Roskilde
Trekroner Forskerpark 4
4000 Roskilde

August 12, 2019 – January 24, 2020


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