Practical information


Students from European partner institutions study at University College Absalon for free. 

University College Absalon has bilateral Erasmus exchange agreements with Universities, University Colleges and other educational institutions in most European countries. Likewise, we have Nordplus agreements with many education institutions all over Scandinavia. 

An exchange agreement between the institutions will qualify you for grants and allow you to engage in student exchange without any tuition fee. Ask your international coordinator if our institution has an exchange agreement with PH Absalon. If not, contact us to make one. 


Students arrange for their own accommodation. If needed, University College Absalon offers support in finding accommodation. We often use a typical student college right next to campus. Here, the rent was 575 Euros in 2017.

Students can use the facilities on Campus such as cafeteria, sport, music and drama rooms for free, if vacant. PH Absalon cooperates with various students’ organizations enabling a wider contact with other Danish and international students. For example, we usually have a cross-national choir and some sport arrangements established in cooperation with our neighbor, The University of Roskilde. If you would like to learn some Danish, we may also arrange for that.

Practical information

University College Absalon, Campus Roskilde
Trekroner Forskerpark 4
4000 Roskilde

August 12, 2019 – January 24, 2020


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