The Social Education at University College Absalon

The Children at Risk programme is part of the Social Education at University College Absalon, which has three core values:

  • Democratic and active participation
  • Individual and social responsibility
  • High professionalism, pedagogical competence of action and innovation

These core values equip you to work with people who need your support and guidance in everyday life and in institutions.

The interaction between theory and practice

The Children at Risk programme provides you with a theoretical and practical foundation in working with children and youth at risk. Students on this programme gain a variety of knowledge and skills in working with human relations and various kinds of action within the professional field of work. During this course, you will experience various challenges professionally, socially and personally, since we expect your active and committing participation in the programme's teaching and professional communities as well as you having the courage to challenge yourself during this process.

An average weekly 40 hour study load

The Children at Risk program is in accordance with the Danish University College ‘Study Activity Model’ with an average weekly 40-hour study load.

You will meet and work with fellow students from many countries, of different ages and with different professional and human backgrounds. Therefore, you are to be able to work in groups and are committed to this form of collaboration during your study, since it is an important teaching method. Other teaching methods consist of classes with teacher and student presentations along with various practical exercises, both individual and group based tasks and assignments before, during or after classes, lots of field visits, supervision, feedback and feed forward from teachers and fellow students.


Please note: You must expect expenses for field-visits, teambuilding and other social activities as well as the goodbye party dinner. The Children at Risk programme will contribute financially to some of these field-visits, events and activities along the way.