Engineering in Biotechnology

As an incoming international student, you have the opportunity to join our biotechnology programme for one semester.

Each semester consists of 13 weeks of teaching, an exam period, and after this a 3-week period with time to go into depth with e.g. a specific subject, project/lab work or exams. 

Read more about the courses offered each semester under our Engineering in Biotechnology full-degree programme here


Spring semester 2020:

Study start: February 3 (start of 13 week period)

Easter (public holiday): April 6-13 (both days included)

Last day of teaching: May 7

Ordinary exam period: May 25 - June 6

3-week period: June 8-26

Autumn semester 2020:

Introduction day: August 31

Study start/Start of semester: September 1 (start of 13-week period)

No teaching: Week 42 (October 12-16 both days included)

Last day of teaching: December 4 (end of 13-week period)

Ordinary exam period: January 4-15

3-week period: January 18 – February 5




Application deadlines:

For autumn semester: April 1st
For spring semester: October 15th

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