Engineering in Biotechnology

As an incoming international student, you have the opportunity to join our biotechnology programme for one semester.

Each semester consists of 13 weeks of teaching, an exam period, and after this a 3-week period with time to go into depth with e.g. a specific subject, project/lab work or exams. 

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Autumn 2018

Engineering Professional Skills and Industry Skills
General and organic chemistry
Industrial  biotechnology
Chemical engineering and Chemical Unit Operations
Molecular biology
Enzyme technology

Organizational Skills
Problem-based Working Methods
Written, oral and digital communication
Company collaboration

Project Assignments 
Practical biotechnological problem solution
Project and resource management

Spring 2019

Engineering Professional Skills and Industry Skills
General and applied microbiology
Fermentation techniques
Analytical chemistry
Physical chemistry
Mathematics, statistics and applied mathematics  

Organizational Skills
Communication, knowledge sharing and digital tools
Company collaboration

Project Assignments
Project and resource management
Problem-based Working Methods
The role of microorganisms in industry
Fermentation-based production methods


Autumn 2018

Study start: September 3
No teaching: October 15-19 (both days included)
Last day of teaching: December 7
Examination period: January 2 - 12
3-week period: January 14 - February 1

Spring 2019

Study start: February 4
No teaching: Easter Break (April 15-22, both days included)
Last day of teaching: May 10
Examination period: May 22 - June 8
3-week period: June 10 - 28

If you are not an EU citizen

If you are not an EU citizen and your institution is not part of a Nordplus or Erasmus Programme, there is a tuition fee of €7,500 to pay. To have your application form and exam papers processed we require a non-refundable registration fee of EURO 150 payable in advance. If you are accepted into the programme, the 150€ are deducted from the payment of the module.


Application deadlines:

For autumn semester: April 1st
For spring semester: October 15th

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