Innovative Health Solutions (IHS)

Innovative Health Solutions (IHS) is an innovative interprofessional course focusing upon the provision of citizen centered solutions in rapidly developing technological healthcare contexts. Students from around the world will collaborate in the creation of solutions to global health challenges. The course uses innovative pedagogical approaches to develop intercultural skills and technological literacy. Social, cultural and ethical considerations in relation to technologically assisted health promotion and prevention are reflected upon in a national and global perspective.

Teaching and learning methods can include lectures, self-study, group work, workshops, blended learning, study visits, clinical elements, discussions, student led presentations and other student driven activities. Teaching may also include visiting guest lecturers.

The interdisciplinary collaboration is centered on a problem oriented group project. During the project process the students representing different professions and different countries collaborate with respect to a relevant professional problem area

Theoretical and practical elements

The course is divided into two parts:

  • Part one is theoretical (weeks 1-13 of the course) and project oriented. This part of the course is concluded with a mandatory exam.
  • For international students part two is a practical clinical placement/traineeship (weeks 14-20 of the course). This part of the course is concluded with a final assessment. The Danish students follow their regular curricular contents and exams.

In the course description you will find information that can help you create an overview of the course and support your learning. This includes information about the course exam and an overview of the subject areas during the course. In other words, the course description is the place where you can find all relevant information that you will need during the course.

The course description has 3 sections:

  • Section 1: General information about the course. Here you will find a description of the purpose of the course, requirements for study activity and a summary of the examinations during the course.
  • Section 2: Content and scope. Here you will find a more detailed description of the different hemes and their scope. Section 3: Exam descriptions. Here you can see the learning outcomes, assessment criteria and description of the exams.

Download the course description here

Transportation expenses during traineeship

Please note that during the traineeship students may have transportation expenses from their accommodation to their clinical placement. It will be possible to apply for a student travel card (Ungdomskort) that ensures cheaper travel opportunities.

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