Innovative Health Solutions (IHS)

Innovative Health Solutions (IHS) is an interprofessional semester focusing upon the provision of citizen centered solutions in rapidly developing technological healthcare contexts. Students from around the world will collaborate in the creation of solutions to global health challenges. The semester uses innovative pedagogical approaches to develop intercultural skills and technological literacy. Social, cultural and ethical considerations in relation to technologically assisted health promotion and prevention are reflected upon in national and global perspectives.

Teaching and learning methods can include lectures, self-study, group work, workshops, blended learning, study visits, clinical elements, discussions, student led presentations and other student driven activities. Teaching may also include visiting guest lecturers.

The interdisciplinary collaboration is centered on a problem oriented group project. During the project work students representing different professions and different countries collaborate with respect to relevant professional problems. 

The semester is for students studying on bachelor level healthcare programs. 


Students pay for their own accommodation, travel expenses, local transport, health insurance and living expenses.

Tuition is free of charge for students from our international partner institutions.

If you are not an EU citizen and your institution is not part of our Nordplus networks, Erasmus Programme or otherwise have a bilateral agreement with us, there is a tuition fee for the course. 


University College Absalon has bilateral Erasmus exchange agreements with university colleges and other educational institutions in most of the European countries as well as Nordplus agreements with some in Scandinavia.

An exchange agreement will qualify you for grants and allow you to engage in student exchange without paying a tuition fee. Ask your international coordinator if your institution has an exchange agreement. 

If you are not an EU citizen and if your institution is not part of a Nordplus or Erasmus Program, there is a tuition fee for the course. 

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September 3, 2018 - January, 25, 2019 (Holiday period: December 21, 2018 - January 1, 2019)

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