Teacher Education - Primary and Lower Secondary

The Teacher Education covers Primary and Lower Secondary (ages 6 to 16 years old). Students of Pre-primary (Pre-school) Education, please choose our course Children at Risk Aesthetics and Learning in Early Childhood Education.

It is possible to sign up for the Teacher Education Package at two of our campus - Vordingborg and Roskilde. Please select below to read more.

Campus Roskilde - Spring 2021: 15 February - 28 May 2021

Spring 2021: 15 February - 28 May 2021

The package comprises a choice between the following courses:

We recommend that you participate in the following course:

  • Introduction to the Danish teacher education
  • Outdoor course

Choose between the following courses:

  • English as a second language - Processes in language acquisition and communicative skills, 10 ECTS
  • English as a second language - English in practice, 10 ECTS
  • German as a foreign language, 10 ECTS
  • German – Become a linguistic role model and a competent counsellor in German as a foreign language, 10 ECTS
  • Classroom management, 10 ECTS

For detailed information about the courses in Roskilde, read more here.

Campus Vordingborg - Spring 2021

Spring 2021: Dates will follow

In the autumn semester you are able to choose between the following packages:

Package 1: History and Social Geography (30 ECTS)

Package 2: Physical Education and Health (30 ECTS)

Package 3: Geography and Social Geography (30 ECTS)