Natural Science Won in Kalundborg

Natural Science Won in Kalundborg

Line Rodenkam Melchiorsen had never really used her mathematics exam from high school. However, during her maternity leave she thought about her working life and decided it was time for a career within the natural sciences.
She could have chosen a medical degree but instead she is now on her second semester of the Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology. She does not regret her choice.

Line Rodenkam Melchiorsen had been thinking about the education for some years before making her final decision.

“I had worked as a nurse for several years but during my maternity leave I dreamed of working with the natural sciences. So when I saw in the media that the Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology was located here in Kalundborg I had no doubt that it was something for me,” she says.

We met her on the campus in the middle of the town, between pipettes, extractors, test tubes, white lab coats and refrigerators, where the results of the students’ experiments with homemade cheese are stored. In 2021, the education will move to brand new premises in a new Campus Kalundborg, which is about to be built close to the biotech industry in Kalundborg.

“Natural science is simply exciting. There are so many opportunities to dig into all sorts of things. I think it is absolutely fascinating,” says Line Rodenkam Melchiorsen. 

From blackboard teaching to production facility

One of the things that particularly appeals to Line Rodenkam Melchiorsen about the education in Kalundborg is the way that theory and practice are combined.

“There is a really good collaboration between University College Absalon and for example Novo Nordisk and other local biotech companies. Among other things, we often visit companies within the biotech industry and there is a huge difference between seeing a theoretical process map on the board in the classroom and seeing a real large-scale production facility,” she explains.

“The first project we did was about insulin and we had both a supervisor from Absalon and one from Novo Nordisk. It was really cool and it made the teaching more realistic,” Line Rodenkam Melchiorsen says. During her studies, she got a student job at Novo Nordisk.

“When the first semester began I was a bit surprised at how intense it really was. There are many classes and a lot to read. However, at the same time it gives me a lot of knowledge and it make me want to learn more”.

Never left to yourself

To begin with, Line Rodenkam Melchiorsen did not have great social ambitions for herself during her studies. However, that quickly changed.

“Campus Kalundborg is a small place, which makes us really close to the teachers and to each other. I have formed a study group with five other students from my class where we prepare and help each other,” she says and continues that you never feel left alone. You can always reach out to the teachers if you have questions or need help:

“The first time we were in the microbiology laboratory we were 15 students and four teachers. So the teachers had plenty of time to help everyone and enough time for us to get started in the laboratory”.

Many career opportunities

What is the dream for Line Rodenkam Melchiorsen when in a couple of years she receives her degree certificate?

“There are so many exciting opportunities and we are constantly introduced to new paths, so I simply cannot answer what kind of job I would like when I finish my degree”, she says.

“For instance we have worked on fermentation and that was quite interesting. We have worked with sewage purification, which was also interesting, and I really found it interesting visiting Novozymes and learning about their new biogas plant. So I am keeping all options open when it comes to my future in engineering in biotechnology”.

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