Students win competition at Danish Entrepreneurship Awards 2018

Students win competition at Danish Entrepreneurship Awards 2018

A group of five students studying at University College Absalon recently won the Competition for Higher Education at the Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2018.

6700 innovators were gathered on Thursday, November 15th, to present their creative ideas for the Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2018.

University College Absalon had sent a group from the interdisciplinary, international semester Innovative Health Solutions for students studying health science, so they could present their idea with respect to a drinking bottle with a chip, designed for elderly citizens who have problems with dehydration.

The students from the Nursing, Biomedical Laboratory Scientist, and Occupational Therapy programs received first place and a prize of 10,000 dkr. from the Otto Bruun's Foundation. Olga Nygreen, Pia Poulsen, Zoe Thiny, Huyen Nguyen Ngoc and Simone Britta Søndergaard Larsen stated:

It was totally wild and we were very surprised to win. We have developed the idea of ​​drinking bottle with a built-in chip that can help healthcare professionals read the elderly's fluid intake and alert the elderly with sound and light if they have not had enough to drink. We are an international group with students from Belgium, Vietnam and Denmark.


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