Information regarding coronavirus

Updated June the 19th, 2020 at 12.00

Absalons campusses are open for some critical teaching activities where physical attendance is essential. These students will receive direct information from their education. In all, this only effects a small number of Absalon’s students. All other students are not included. They should continue to study and meet online from home- as it looks now until the study start after the summer holidays.

Students that do not already receive teaching on campus, will in the coming weeks be called in by their education for a follow up regarding the spring semester and eventual preparation for exams. This call will be for students where it is practically possible and will as a starting point, be for a single session of two hours. There will otherwise be no possibility of meeting on campus

Bachelor exams will be held physically on campus.

Summer holiday: If you are returning from countries, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against, you must go in self-isolation for 14 days upon returning home.

FAQ and Guidelines

Information regarding international travel to students at Absalon

Many have or are about to plan their summer holiday.  In this context, it is relevant to know the guidelines that apply to travelling abroad in connection with corona.

At Absalon have a responsibility to limit a possible resurgence of corona infection now, and in connection with the coming holiday time.  Therefore, it is important that we look after each other as employees and as students, and continue to adhere to the recommendations from the authorities

Absalon urges students to follow closely the authorities’ recommendations regarding travel abroad and to exercise caution.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs currently advises against all  travels to all countries except Germany, Norway and Iceland.

For all non-EU/Schengen countries, this advice is valid until 31 August.

For EU/Schengen countries and the UK, the Danish travel advice will be updated weekly starting from 27 June based on new infection rates. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will no longer advise against travels to countries with less than 20 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants per week – provided that the country does not apply strict entry restrictions for Danes.


If you are returning from countries, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against, you must go in self-isolation for 14 days upon returning home.

You must thus be aware of and plan according to this, so that it does not affect your study activity and possibilities for participating in classes or any possible re-exams after the summer.   

I have received a message from my education to meet at the campus - how should I act when I go there?

There is only entrance for students and employees that have critical and planned activities at the campus, bachelor exams and students that are called for a two hour class. 

Remember to bring your student card in order to gain entrance to the campus.  

Before you meet at the campus, you have to have booked a time, for example with the library, a room for a guidance meeting or a group room- or be a part of the scheduled critical teaching that takes place on campus. 

At arrival to the campus, you have to contact the guard at the entrance before you enter the campus and the various special subject rooms. The guard will guide you to the rooms and inform you about the various guidelines.

The rooms that may be used have signs with among other things more information regarding the maximum number of people in the room, as well as cleaning- and safety precautions. 

Entrance to campus without student card

Several of you have asked what you should do if you do not have your student card and have been called in to an activity on campus.

You can only access campus if you have been called in to a scheduled activity by your education. Upon arrival at campus, contact the guard at the entrance and explain which education and activity/subject you have been called in to. You will then be shown to the room you should go to. You in principal need to show your student card in order to be admitted. However, if you do not have a student card you can show your health insurance card, or similar identification if required.

Which campus is open - time and place?

From Monday, May 18, the following campuses will be open from 8 am to 5 pm:  

  • Slagelse – entrance B
  • Næstved – entrance A
  • Roskilde – entrance A
  • Nykøbing – entrance B
  • Vordingborg – entrance B

Kalundborg, Sorø and Holbæk until further notice are still closed. 

What do I do if I experience COVID-19 symptoms, or if I or another person that I have been in close contact with tests positive?

  • You must stay home if you have symptoms of the illness.
  • You must stay home until you are well, that is to say until 48 hours after you last had symptoms.
  • If a student or employee is diagnosed with the Coronavirus, they should isolate themselves at home, and Absalon will inform those who have been in close contact with them so that they can be tested.  The close contacts have a higher risk of being infected so it is important that they be tested.
  • If you have been in close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 you should be tested. If the test result shows that you have not been infected with COVID-19, you may meet at the campus. 

What should I do if I, or someone in my household is in a special risk group?

  • If you belong to a special risk group you should contact your education about what you should do. 
  • If you live in a household with a person who is at special risk, you can after a concrete and individual assessment, in general be able to meet on campus. 

Do you have sports on the schedule or need to use changing/bathing facilities on campus?

Due to the stricter precautions on campus to prevent infection with Corona, it is not possible to use on campus changing/ bathing facilities. We therefore encourage students that need to, to change at home and to bathe afterwards at home. 

Is the canteen open?

All canteens except Campus Sorø and Campus Kalundborg, are open for sale but with a limited selection.

  • Opening times are continually adjusted to the scheduled teaching. 
  • The canteens have been arranged to make sure that no queuing occurs. 
  • On the floor spacers have been placed, and there have been put up signs with various guidelines and instructions with respect to Corona. 
  • All foods are packaged and dispensed in portions. We do not serve the buffet. 
  • It is possible to stay in the canteen. There will though be barred places where you are not allowed to be in order to ensure distance to each other.
  • The canteen does not accept cash. You can only pay with Mobil Pay or contactless debit card. 

What precautions should I follow?

  • At the entrance to all campuses there will set up guidance instructions, hand sanitizer, and there will be an employee from Facility Service, who will advise with respect to the use of rooms, etc. 
  • You may not stay for a long time in the common areas on campus, but preferably stay in the room you have booked or that is scheduled. It will be possible to stay in the canteen. However, there will be barred areas where you will not be allowed to stay, so that we ensure distance to each other. 

In addition, the following instructions apply: 

  • Don’t come to campus if you have symptoms of illness 
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Cough or sneeze in your sleeve
  • Keep a distance 

Special precautions in special subject rooms

There are special safety precautions to follow when using our music rooms, workshops, sports halls, rooms with massage benches, laboratories or physics rooms 

Guidelines for practical exercises with physical contact

Absalon has, in collaboration with the Danish Health Authority drawn up guidelines for students that have practical exercises with physical contact. You can find the guidelines here

Bachelor exams

All BA exams are held normally with physical attendance. However, there may be a few exceptions due to very special circumstances:  

May relatives come on campus in connection with the physically held BA-exam?

It is not possible for relatives to take part in the exam or to be admitted to campus in connection with the bachelor exam. This is due to stricter requirements in connection with COVID-19.

Facility Service still has control over entrance at all of the campuses that are open. Students and employees that meet at campus must be able to legitimate themselves and upon request state that they must have access cf. applicable rules in order to be on campus.

Is there due to special conditions the possibility of taking the BA exam online instead of physically on campus?

All BA exams are held normally with physical attendance. However, there may be a few exceptions due to very special circumstances:  

Students that show symptoms of Corona

If one shows symptoms before the exam you should be tested for Corona. 

Students that meet at campus for planned BA exams showing signs of Corona-virus will be sent home. Read the guidelines regarding the handling of this here .  The exam will instead be held physically on campus in August.  

Can you with a medical certificate document infection with the Corona-virus, you can request exemption from the physically held exam, and the BA exam can be held as an online exam in conjunction with the physically held exam.

Request for exemption from the physically held exam must be sent by email with the medical certificate to or

Students in a risk group
Absalon follows strictly the authorities’ requirements, and measures have been taken regarding distance, hygiene, etc. in connection with exams held physically on campus.  Therefore, it is judged that most people in a risk group will be able to participate as planned in the BA exam on campus. This can be avoided by submitting a medical certificate that documents that you cannot attend due to risk group. In these cases the BA exam will be held as an online exam in conjunction with the physically held exam.

Requests to be exempted from the physically held exam must be sent by email with a medical certificate to or  before June 4, 2020.

Students who are abroad
If you are abroad and have difficulty in entering Denmark, you may after submitting a specific request be given the possibility of taking part in an online exam, in accordance with the approved Absalon rules.

Requests to participate in the BA exam online must be sent to or before June 4 2020.



Can you write your BA thesis on campus?

No, there is only open for critical activities, special calls and BA exams to meet at campus. Writing papers is not included under this. 

May you come to campus to print your paper?

No, there is only open for critical activities, special calls and BA exams to meet at campus.

Printing a paper is not included under this.

May I sit together with my group at the online exam?

Yes, that is an option.

There is no ministerial regulation regarding how you as a student should behave during online group exams, when several students are examined at the same time. You must therefore consider this yourself. 

There can be technical reasons- e.g. to ensure good sound, good network connection, etc.- for institutions to recommend  that you sit in separate rooms/ at different locations, but there is nothing legal that prevents you from sitting together.

If you choose to sit together, there is no requirement that you participate from one or more PCs. 

Whether you choose to participate together or from different locations, or with one or more PCs, it is your own responsibility to have the equipment that ensures proper completion of the exam.

Is the test form the same with re-exams?

Absalon has decided that the exam form for exams  that are changed from oral to written, from on-site to home, or from oral to online, will be the same for re-exams in August.

Practice placement / Internship

Can I replace the internship I missed in connection with the Corona crises?

No - your internship is not replaced by another internship. The goal is for all students to return to any interrupted internships as soon as possible.

When Absalon is physically closed, if I am in a traineeship should I also leave the placement?

No, when you are in a traineeship you are “employed” in a firm as an ordinary employee and you therefore have to follow the firm’s regulations regarding the Corona virus.



What should I do if I am sent home from a practical placement/internship?

If you are sent home, or other changes occur in your practical placement/internship, you should inform the placement advisor at your education.

What should I do if I am in a special risk group and am in a practical placement /internship?

  • As a starting point, you must follow the internship’s instructions.

  • As a starting point, you should hold your internship as planned, but should not be exposed to obvious risks of infection. The same applies if you live in a household with someone in a risk group.
  • In special circumstances persons at increased risk, based on an individual medical assessment, maybe given permission not to meet at the internship. This is decided based on a concrete medical assessment where other possibilities for transfer to other work situations are considered. 
  • If in collaboration with your internship it has been concluded that you should not meet physically at your internship due to special circumstances, you have to fill out a Statement of Truth Document, which must be sent to your internship and your education. In these cases the assessment must be supported by a concrete and documented medical assessment You can read more about this here at Study-net

If I am pregnant should I take special precautions at my practical placement/internship?

If you are in an internship in the health-, social- and elderly sectors or an internship in daycare 0-6 years, you will  based upon an extended principle of precaution focusing upon the unborn child, from pregnancy week 28 work from home and not have any out-of-home functions. If working from home is not possible in the given function, or in relation to the tasks performed by the pregnant student in the internship, your absenteeism must be reported.

For pregnant students, that are not in the above groups, the following guidelines apply:

The Danish Healh Authority does not consider pregnant women to be at special risk of infection and serious illness in connection with the coronavirus, or excretion of infection in breast milk during breastfeeding.

However, since this is a new virus, pregnant women are considered as a risk group, based upon a principle of precaution. This is because it is known that pregnant women are generally more susceptible to infections that commonly cause upper respiratory tract infection, e.g. flu.

Pregnant women throughout their pregnancies are therefore, considered in the same way as other risk groups and their working situation must be taken into account. Read mere here


How do I participate online in oral exams?

Based on an exemption issued by The Ministry of Higher Education and Science on March 19, 2020 exams can be held via video conferencing systems.

To and with the end of June 2020 The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has waived the requirement that supervisors be present at online oral exams.

During the period of dispensation, Absalon uses the Zoom system. The system is user friendly, stable and secure, and since teaching has been held virtually, it has been the preferred solution.  

In principle, the rules are the same whether your oral exam is held via Zoom, or as a normal oral exam at Absalon. However, there are a few differences and special points of attention when your oral exam is held via Zoom.

So that the exam can be completed satisfactorily, the examiner and censor must be able to see and hear you. Therefore, you must have : 1) Computer with built-in webcam/external webcam and 2) A good stabile internet connection.

It is not allowed to record the exam or the feedback in connection with the assessment. If the exam is interrupted due to technical reasons, and the connection is not able to be quickly restored, you must follow the emergency procedures without any unnecessary delay.

Read more about on-line exams in Zoom here

I cannot participate in exam due to lack of childcare

In general, it is not possible to unsubscribe from exams at Absalon. This premise also applies during the Corona times. We are though aware, that in particular for students with children needing care, that there can be problems with respect to taking part in exams due to the lack of childcare. 

If you due to the lack of childcare are prevented from participating in an exam at certain times during the day, but will have the possibility of participating at other times of the day, you should contact your study administration. They will investigate if it is possible to fulfill your request to participate in the exam at a specific time of day.

If this is not possible or you nonetheless are prevented from taking an exam due to the lack of childcare, you will as soon as possible have the possibility of another exam attempt.


Extra exam attempt

You can always be signed up for the same exam 3 times. Moreover, you can receive dispensation for an extra exam attempt if this is due to extraordinary circumstances. It will be considered an extraordinary circumstance if you as a student are prevented from participating in an exam in the Corona period due to the lack of childcare.

If you have the need for an extra exam attempt (besides the three attempts that you always have), you should contact your study administration. Send an application with the title “Application for extra exam attempt due to lack of childcare, exam circular § 6, stk. 3.” 

Explain your situation and attach documentation regarding the fact that you have been unable to participate in the exam due to lack of childcare. You have to forward documentation that you have a child in the in need of care age and that you have been unable to obtain care. If you cannot obtain documentation for the lack of care, you have to declare a statement of truth, that it has not been possible to obtain care for the child at the time of the exam.

Be aware of the following:

  • Children in need of care are regarded as children from 0 years of age up to children that are in the 5th grade (incl.).
  • You have to have explored all other relevant childcare options. If the child lives together with both parents and the other parent can look after the child during the exam, this possibility should be used. If the child does not live with both parents, but you as parents agree that the other parent can look after the child during the exam, this possibility should be used. If the child has the possibility of being in daycare or school, as a starting point this possibility should be used.
  • In order to find childcare you should NOT seek contact outside the circle of persons that are a part of your child’s daily contact circle during the Corona period. This means that among others, grandparents etc., should not look after the child unless they already are a part of your daily contact circle during the Corona period.
  • If there are special circumstances that apply in your particular situation you must write these. These can for example be that you child goes in a class over the 5th grade but has special needs that mean that the child anyway falls under the category of “care needing child”, or that there are special considerations regarding the child or the family that result in the child being unable to go to daycare/school, even though this possibility is open.

Study activity from home

The authorities have stated that "the students must be as active as far as possible" (the key words here are as “far as possible”). At Absalon we understand that there can be several factors that can affect the possibilities of being active. It requires something from us and our students. We understand that, for example, families with children can have some special challenges, but hope that one can find some solutions and that one can be as active as possible in the studies.  

Itslearning is still used for all teaching-related communication.

Meetings are held online via Skype/Zoom/mobile.

Online teaching

Your education can supplement the asynkronous teaching with synkronous elements. Here we use Zoom.

Read Zoom guidelines here

If I become ill, should I call in sick?

Yes, you should report to your teacher that you are ill if there is attendance for the module/subject.

If you are to take a test you should report as normally done that you are sick and by the latest by the date of the test date. You should do this at the study administration. See contact information here.

May we meet in groups other places than on campus?

Only staff and students who are involved in critical activities can meet. These are notified directly of reopening from their education. All other students and staff are not included. They are sent home and may not meet on or off campus, until otherwise decided.

Student counselling and library

Student counseling

  • In Absalon's student counseling, we are here - despite coronavirus and repatriation - to help and guide you as a student. Read more.


  • Two new actions at Absalon’s library: 1) Controlled and limited access to the physical campus library for all bachelor- and graduating diploma students - starting 27th April 2020 and 2) Library To Go for all students – start-up 4th May 2020 - read more here.

SU & Economy

I am having a hard time getting my economy to meet ends under COVID-19 – what can I do?

Many students experience that their traineeship is suspended, or that they may not go to work because of the Corona virus. For many, this means that their economy is not enough to cover the monthly expenses.  For the students standing in this situation there is a temporary possibility of taking an extra SU loan.

This extra loan option will give students the possibility of loaning up to 6,388 kr. per month. This corresponds to two months extra SU loan per month on top of the ordinary SU loan. In total, it will therefore be possible to loan up to 9,582 kr.



What SU actions are there under Covid-19?

There are in connection with Covid-19 implemented four actions in the SU area:

  • Extra SU loan - to students that receive  SU
  • Extra end loan - to students that are at the end of their higher education
  • Raised free amount- to students that take part in COVID-19 assistance tasks
  • Extra SU loan - to students of higher educations that are in waged traineeships in March and/or April 2020.

How one can use the four actions and these specially applicable measures are clearly described on the

Danish students' Grants and Loans Scheme’s homepage (Styrelse for Institutioner og Uddannelsesstøtte) 




I am at present abroad- what do I do?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark recommends that all Danes travel home, but recommends that Danes that are residents abroad stay.

As students on a longer stay, you land according to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark’s interpretation, in between these two categories of travelers and residents. Therefore, there is no clear recommendation as to what you should do.  At Absalon we therefore encourage that our students that are in practical placements/internships or study exhanges, to determine themselves if they wish to as soon as possible travel home or to stay.  

If you feel insecure, we recommend that you travel home, or alternatively contact us on the hotline.

Students that had to interrupt their study- and internship exchanges abroad, and in connection with this have experienced extra expenses and/or economic loss due to COVID-19 (cancelled flights, study- and internships, etc.) can according to The Ministry of Higher Education and Science, contact their travel- or insurance company.

If you consider staying abroad The Ministry of Higher Education and Science recommends that you as a student, among other things consider:  

  • How long your exchange lasts? The shorter the time that is left the less the reason to stay
  • Can you participate in the teaching?
  • Are there local conditions that make it impossible for you to stay, for example the cancellation of visas?
  • The quality of the local healthcare system
  • If you need advice The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark global advice center is open 24/7 (+45 33 92 11 12). 

Foreign students in Denmark

  • Correspondingly, we also have foreign students in Denmark. You have to be aware of the fact that if you choose to travel home on holiday, etc., that there can be entry restrictions when you return to Denmark. This can influence the course of your education, etc.


  • We have received many questions via telephone and mail from you. We answer them as quickly as possible and most of you have received answers. There can though be questions that we right now cannot give you a final answer to, so we hope that you will show us your understanding with respect to this. We will contact you as soon as possible and will continuously inform you via our daily e-mail.
  • At Absalon the majority of employees will be working from home during this period. You will be able to contact your teacher etc. via email /cell phone/itslearning. We ask everyone to keep updated via itslearning and Study-net.


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Possibility of signing up for the job bank

There is a need for all health professional competences and hands during this time of crises where the corona virus has a hold over Denmark.

The hospitals in Region Zealand, like the rest of the healthcare system in Denmark, need extra healthcare and pedagogical workers, so sign up for Region Zealand’s corona job bank here

If you as a student sign up, Absalon is aware of the fact that this can influence how active you can be with your studies. We mean though that it is important that Absalon contributes to solving the unusual tasks facing the healthcare sector.

As we do not know how long the corona situation will last, we at present cannot decide how students that sign up as volunteers can be handled best. Later on we will look at this and find the best possible solution.