Information regarding coronavirus

Teaching at the campus is cancelled

Updated March the 3rd, 2020 at 15.45

  • If we are allowed to reopen certain activities after Easter, Absalon’s management has decided that we will first open on April 20th – and only to a limited extent. In this way we can as is best possible, plan and manage the many practical conditions, etc., that have to be in place for a responsible and correctly prioritized opening. At Absalon we will work over Easter with the planning of a possible opening, as we cannot move on it before we have a clear announcement from the government.

  • Absalon is closing for all teaching at our campuses from Thursday morning the 12th of March 2020.
  • In continuation of the government’s decision to intensify the prevention of the futher spreading of the corona virus all teaching, advising, and examinations at campus are cancelled.

  • Students are expected to be as much as possible active with respect to their studies 
  • To reduce the possibility of contagion, all students should refrain from meeting in groups: therefore, you should only meet online, via cellphones, etc. 

Restructuring of education

  • As much as it is possible teaching will be converted to online teaching.
  • At the moment we are continuing to find the best solutions as to how your education can be restructured. We have to take into account that at the moment the internet in Denmark is overloaded, as well as the fact that not all students have a good internet connection. As much as it is possible, we hope that you find possibilities to be active with your studies while you are at home.

  • Itslearning etc.
    The increased press on the internet, resulting in reduced performance, is hitting Itslearning and other systems. Right now with respect to systems and the internet, we are experiencing an untypical situation that can change quickly. Be therefore prepared and have patience with respect to the use and availability of Absalon’s digital solutions. You can see the operating status for Absalon’s systems here:
  • There has not been taken a decision with respect to tests and exams but as with teaching there will be attempted, if at all possible, to hold tests and exams.


  • If you as a student are at present in practice, you should make arrangements with your practical placement with respect to the corona situation.
  • If you are sent home from your placement or other changes occur, you should contact your education’s practice coordinator. 

If you are abroad

  • If you are still abroad, you have to decide for yourself if you will stay or try to get home. We have sent information out with respect to this to all of our students that we know are abroad. If you have questions regarding this, you are welcome to contact our Hotline. 

Foreign students in Denmark

  • Correspondingly, we also have foreign students in Denmark. You have to be aware of the fact that if you choose to travel home on holiday, etc., that there can be entry restrictions when you return to Denmark. This can influence the course of your education, etc.


  • We have received many questions via telephone and mail from you. We answer them as quickly as possible and most of you have received answers. There can though be questions that we right now cannot give you a final answer to, so we hope that you will show us your understanding with respect to this. We will contact you as soon as possible and will continuously inform you via our daily e-mail.
  • At Absalon the majority of employees will be working from home during this period. You will be able to contact your teacher etc. via email /cell phone/itslearning. We ask everyone to keep updated via itslearning and Study-net.


Kind regards



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Possibility of signing up for the job bank

There is a need for all health professional competences and hands during this time of crises where the corona virus has a hold over Denmark.

The hospitals in Region Zealand, like the rest of the healthcare system in Denmark, need extra healthcare and pedagogical workers, so sign up for Region Zealand’s corona job bank here

If you as a student sign up, Absalon is aware of the fact that this can influence how active you can be with your studies. We mean though that it is important that Absalon contributes to solving the unusual tasks facing the healthcare sector.

As we do not know how long the corona situation will last, we at present cannot decide how students that sign up as volunteers can be handled best. Later on we will look at this and find the best possible solution.