Student counseling

Guidance regarding your study

The Student Counselling is here for you. At the Student Counselling, you can ask questions, talk about your thoughts, opportunities and worries in connection with your programme – whether it concerns physical, mental or social subjects. In short, everything that affects you, your programme and your learning. This may take place at your Campus individually or in a group, by phone or email. The Student Counselling also offers different workshops on e.g. study techniques, exam training and career opportunities.

The student counsellors are subject to duty of confidentiality.

You can book an individual conversation with your student counsellor - you do this in the box at the top right.
And we have "Open student counselling", see the opening hours on the right, under the individual campus.
You can also call the Student Counselor telephone, that is open Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11-15, +45 7248 1020.
Finally, you can write to us by email, where you can get in touch with your student counsellor.

Video: How to cope during the Corona lockdown

How to create a good working environment at home.

The Student Counsellors are aware that working from home may prove to be a challenge for many of you.

At home, you are surrounded by distractions and if you have children this means that you have to divide your attention between them and your study. It can be a big challenge to separate the demands of your study and those of your family and additionally when everybody is constantly online. It may actually be stressful to have a lot of time at home, though this also provides opportunities for flexibility and immersion in both your study and your family life.

Your Student Counsellors at Absalon provide here some good advice on how to work and study from home:

·       Make a fixed and clear structure for your working day and schedule your time. This can be done together with the rest of your household. Use for example, a timetable where you write down all the different tasks. This timetable could include everybody at home.

·       Consider where, when and how you work best. If there are several in your household working from home, you should agree on how you best accommodate each other and when you work best.

·       Arrange a workspace at home. Tidy up around it prior to working and tidy away your workspace when you have finished the day’s work. By doing this, you can avoid the worst distractions and afterwards having the feeling of being off when you have finished.

·       Introduce administration time in which you plan your reading and writing your assignment, answer mails etc. In this way, you do not have to be online with Absalon all the time. Spend the first half an hour and the last half an hour of your working day doing this.

·       You may have to strictly prioritize your work especially if you have children and home schooling. Use your administration time to make these prioritizations. Speak to your lecturers and your fellow students if you are in doubt about what is expected of you and how to prioritize. You can be assured that you are not the only one in doubt.

·       Take time off from Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and so on while working. If possible, put your phone away.

·       Take breaks. Make sure to have quality time with the rest of your family or do things that normally give you energy. Work when you have planned to work and be off when you have planned time off.

Get some fresh air, go for a walk, maybe do some exercises in mindfulness, which you can find on Youtube.

How to take care of yourself during the corona crisis

In the following, the Student counseling focuses on how you, as a student, can take care of yourself, in a time of plenty of worries and worse than good news.
Be socially active - talk to others
Having a social life is a challenge right now. Nevertheless, it is important to maintain as much contact with others as possible. Use the various media available. Not just for short messages, but also longer conversations. Agree with others to meet at a specific time. Your parents, friends and study buddies. Maybe the phone can just be on the table while you talk and each of you has a go at each of you.
Keep away from news and social media - just once in a while
Radio, television and the internet are flooded with news about the corona crisis. It's not uplifting - and by letting yourself constantly bombarded with information, you - like most others - easily get in a bad mood.
You must stay informed - but maybe not all the time. Therefore, choose to shut down the news feed. For example, decide to seek news only 2-3 times a day. That way, it will be easier to be present around your studies, others at home and yourself.
Mind yourself mentally
By being socially active and keeping away from the news stream, you can more easily stay mentally upstairs and there are other things you can do; Go hiking - notice that it is spring. Spend more time cooking, or something as trivial as cleaning and laundry. Generally, get regular routines in your daily life.
Move, practice meditation, mindfulness (you don't have to be good at it) or listen to your favorite music. The most important thing is that you do not rush everything. Rather, slow down and slow things down a bit.

Special support (SPS)

If you have a documented impairment which entails that you need special support in order to complete your education, you can apply for the special support (SPS).

The purpose of the support is to provide compensation so that students with metal or physical impairment can complete their education at the same level as their fellow students. The special support is only assigned as special pedagogical aids and forms of support that enable the student to complete the education.

There is no special support for the coverage of living expenses, transport costs etc.

If you need to talk to a student counsellor about the special support (SPS), you can contact us, see more here

Special support (SPS)

The good student life

Get good advice on how to deal with lack of well-being, stress, loneliness, perfectionism and skipping actions

Counseling and guidence outside Absalon

If you need free psychological help or a free lawyer, se more here

Workshops regarding stress, exams, anxiety and perfectionism

At the Student Counseling Service (Studenterrådgivningen) workshops, you can learn to deal with your anxiety about the exam or become wiser about stress or perfectionism.
All workshops are free and take only place in Danish. All you need to do is sign up in advance.

Read more here