On StudieNet (intranet for Absalon students) you can follow how Absalon handles the corona situation. From this you can also see how you are to act when you come to our campus.   

Welcome to your new study programme!

On this page you can find information about your first weeks at the Bachelor of Engineering programmes and campus Kalundborg. 

Some of the most important things to know before the study start are: 

Brush up course in week 34 (link)

Want to be on top with mathematics and chemistry before the study start? Then join our free brush up course at campus in week 34.

Introduction Day on August 28, 2020 (link)

This is the most important day of the academic year! This day you get to meet most of your future fellow students and get to know them better as well campus Kalundborg.

Official study start on September 1, 2020 (link)

This is the best day of the academic year! This day you will be officially welcomed to campus and your new studies. Meeting time is 9 AM at J. Hagemann-Petersens Allé 4, 4400 Kalundborg. Our two dark grey buildings are placed behind Kalundborg Gymnasium & HF (high school). 

The study start test (link)

All students must attend this examination, so that we can make sure you are present at campus and active as students. The test will introduce you to our examination rules and most of the praticalities involved in the forthcoming examinations at the programme. 


Throughout the study start and semester 1, our nice tutors will help you find your place and way both as a student, at campus, and in Kalundborg. Remember to use them for all your questions, that is what they are there for. 

If you have any questions regarding the study start, please contact Jacqueline at 

If you have any questions regarding the study programme, please contact the study administration at 

We look forward to see you!

Study counsellor Tina Elley, Study start coordinator Jacqueline L Hersing, Study secretary Christel L Johnsen & Head of Studies Kathrine Bisgaard. 

What do I need to bring?

A good laptop with a well working internet connection is necessary to be able to study at our place. It has to be so new, that it can run Windows 10. Mac computers, Chromebooks and tablets are not recommended. We have wireless Wi-Fi throughout the campus area.  

You will get access to relevant software programmes during your studies e.g. Office 365 and Python. Before you are confident with these programmes it might be a help for you to bring a calculator or something similar to perfrom basic calculations. Most software that is used in class is free, but some programmes that you will need to buy yourself. 

Besides these things it will be relevant to bring paper and pens. 

You will of course also need some textbooks for your studies. The list of textbooks can be seen here (link).

Working in the laboratories

As part of the programme, you will have to work both in our laboratories and workshops within different sceintific fields. On semester 1 this will involve laboratory work at the course General and organic chemistry. 

In connection with this, it is important that you have a private personal accident insurance that covers practical work in a laboratory. 

It is also important that you have a white long-sleved labcoat, whch you always need to wear when you are in the laboratories. You will get the opportunity to buy a labcoat from us during the study start. 

Besides a labcoat you will also need to wear protective glasses in our laboratories. We will hand out one pair for each new student for personal usae during your entire study period. This will happen during the study start.