Study start teacher education for international students

Study start for international students in autumn 2020

We will welcome you on Monday, 24th of August 2020 at 9 o’clock, where tutors will be waiting for you at Vordingborg station and all around campus to guide you to your classroom, where we will share coffee and freshly baked buns from our kantine to have a nice start to the week. You will receive a schedule for the week when you arrive, so you can see what to expect from your first week at Absalon during introweek. 

There will be a program every day from 9:00 until 15:00 from the 24th of August until the 28th of August.


Get an overview of Absalon’s handling of the Corona-situation here at Studynet and how you as a student should act when you enter campus

Intro program

Welcome from the tutors