Automation in Industry

An introduction to the application and implementation of automation technologies in process plant operations, from local to full distributed control and data acquisition systems.

After the course the participants will be able to:

  • Apply understanding and know-how of current technologies and engineering solutions used in industry for the control and automation of process plant
  • Use the knowledge in the review and selection of equipment and systems used in plant automation, including measuring systems, transducers (sensors and actuators), control units and transmission data systems
  • Effectively interface and exchange ideas and requirements with OEMs, system suppliers and experts in the field of process plant automation

The course will include technical information from a variety of subjects, including:

  • Process/Chemical/Electrical/
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronics/Industrial Data Communications and Networking
  • Plant/Process/Quality/Safety Management

Who is the course for:

  • Engineering Consultants who wish to include knowledge regarding design, implementation and use of automated process equipment in the services they provide
  • Managers, Project Managers and Team-Leaders, who need an overview of what Industrial Automation is, and what it provides
  • Engineers and Process Chemist who require an introduction and background to Industrial Automation to directly apply in their work
  • QA/QC technician and managers who are faced with integrating process data and control operations into Quality Management System(s), and vise versa

University College Absalon will provide a complete course package, including the involvement of both internal and external speakers with industrial experience in the application and use of the course content.

The course is designed and organised as a series of sessions, namely:

The core material of the course can be selected/designed to suit customer requirements e.g. a 5 session course

Absalon Centre for Engineering (Kalundborg), or customer site

Between 4 to 7 sessions (3 hours each), depending on customer requirements

Tutiton Fee:
5 session course

8-12 attendants DKK 12.500,-/participant

13-18 attendants DKK 9.800,-/participant

8 session course

8-12 attendants DKK 14.500,-/participant

13-18 attendants DKK 11.800,-/participant

The course price includes course material