Welcome to University College Absalon

University College Absalon covers the region of Zealand and offers twelve professional bachelor degree programmes - two of which are taught in English. Furthermore, several international modules are offered each semester at different campuses.

Absalon closes down until the 10th of May.

  • Absalon is closing for all teaching at our campuses from Thursday morning the 12th of March 2020.
  • In continuation of the government’s decision to intensify the prevention of the futher spreading of the corona virus all teaching, advising, and examinations are cancelled immediately and until the 10th of May.
  • To the extent that it is possible distance learning will be established. Students are expected to be as much as possible active with respect to their studies but they should not meet physically in study groups.
  • Students in practice should await the decisions from their placements. It is to be expected that the majority of students should not attend practice, unless the students are part of critical functions, for example at hospitals.
  • It is at present not possible to say anything about replacement classes, etc.
  • At Absalon the majority of employees will be working from home during this period. You will be able to contact teacher etc. via email /cell phone/itslearning. 

Read more about Absalon’s handling of corona at Study-net.



Emergency telephone number outside office hours

Emergency telephone number outside office hours
+45 7611 7060

This number should only be used by students on study visits or their host and only in case of emergencies such as serious illness, accidents or like this.