Welcome to University College Absalon

University College Absalon covers the region of Zealand and offers twelve professional bachelor degree programmes - two of which are taught in English. Furthermore, several international modules are offered each semester at different campuses.

Information regarding corona virus

The government has announced that they expect a close to normal return to teaching etc. in the new academic year, after the summer holiday. This we will inform you more about, as soon as we know more.

Summer holiday: If you are returning from countries, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against, you must go in self-isolation for 14 days upon returning home.

Read more about Absalon’s handling of corona at Study-net.

Emergency telephone number outside office hours

Emergency telephone number outside office hours
+45 7611 7060

This number should only be used by students on study visits or their host and only in case of emergencies such as serious illness, accidents or like this.