Campus Vordingborg

Vordingborg is a municipality in Region Zealand on the southeast coast of the island of Zealand (Sjælland) in south Denmark. The municipality includes the island of Masnedø, and covers an area of 615 km². It has a total population of 46,600 (2006).

The town of Vordingborg has a population of 9,282 inhabitants (2009).The ruins of Vordingborg Castle, the old royal castle which was built around 1364, is the town's most famous attraction. The only fully remaining part of the castle, the 26 meter tall Goose Tower (Gåsetårnet), is the symbol of the city.

Vordingborg town is at the seaside and has two small marinas. The local beach is well visited during the summer. 


If you would like to sign up for on-campus student housing in one our dormitories, please send a request to our Facility Services Department (addressed to Karina Thers Nielsen Andersen, including: your name, the title of your course (the International Teacher Education) and desired move-in date.

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