Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology

Our Bachelor Program of Engineering in Biotechnology combines biology, chemistry and science of engineering in close collaboration with international biotech companies

During the studies you will learn to apply in depth knowledge of biochemical and biotechnological processes according to production of drugs (medicine), food industry and environmental challenges.

You will be a part of a small and highly professional environment working closely together with the biotech industry in Kalundborg, the biotech city of Denmark.

Companies like Novo Nordisk, Equinor and Novozymes are some of the companies you will meet in Kalundborg thereby learning about biotech challenges and opportunities at big scale.

A program with a high degree of interaction between theory and practice
As a Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology you acquire a wide range of career opportunities in the global job market - in Denmark or abroad …
The sixth term of your studies is designated to an internship at an engineering company.
The Municipality of Kalundborg guarantees accommodation for students.

Why take a biotech education in Kalundborg, you might think?

There can actually be a very good reason to do so. Just like Silicon Valley has become centre for all kinds of internet companies, a number of world leading biotechnological companies have settled in and around Kalundborg.

In Kalundborg you find the world's largest insulin production facility as well as enzyme production, Denmarks greatest refinery and some of the world's best engineers.

This creates a unique environment. And it is really quite special to be part of. 

Contact a student ambassador

Akshita Tripathi

I come from India and I am 21 years old. Currently I am in the 4th semester of Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology and a student worker at Novo Nordisk. 

Studying at Absalon is fun and challenging, and it gives me a lot of opportunities as it is in a close collaboration with major Biotech companies in Denmark and abroad. The special thing about this campus is that Kalundborg is the Biotech city of Denmark and it has a very special system of Kalundborg symbiosis which is one of a kind. This gives the aspiring engineers a very big chance to learn and deal with real life situations. I would like to share my experience so far with everyone and will be very happy to help with all your queries. 

You can write to me in English or in Hindi and contact me at

Guillermo Hernandez Cutillas

I am from Spain, Aicante, and I am now studying on my 2nd semester. I moved to Denmark when I was 17 years old, seeking for new career opportunities.

In this biotech education, I found the perfect balance between practical and theoretical learning, and the small environment created makes this university a very good opportunity the get involved in the industry. 

When I was 15, I moved to Canada for a full-year exchange. Starting in a new place is not always easy, and that is why I want to help new students making their "start of a new life" more straight-forward.

If you have any questions about the programme, accomodation at Kalundborgkollegiet (where I live), or how it is living here please do not hesitate to contact me in Spanish or English:

Jinyuhan Wang (Vera)

I come from China and you can also call me Vera. I am now in my 5th semester of the Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology in English.

I am 21 years old and I moved to Denmark in 2018 for this education, where we can get in touch with biotech companies and have the opportunities to work in the future.

If you have any questions about the studies or how it is to move to our little closeknit community in Kalundborg you are very welcome to contact me by email in English and Chinese:

Faidra-Maria Dede

I am Faidra. I am Greek-Italian and currently in the 3rd semester of the Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology.

I am 19 years old and I moved in Denmark in August of 2019 to chase my dreams.

If you have any questions about the education or/and you want to be 'Student for a day' I will be more than happy to help you. I am available in English, Greek and Italian:

Key facts

Language of instruction

7 terms
(3,5 year)

Application deadline
15 march (International students)

Workload per week
Full time - a minimum of 40 hours

Minimum 210

Tuition fee for EU Citizens:

Tuition fee for Non-EU Citizens:

  • 1.-5. Semester DKK 49.350 / Approx. Euro 6.580
  • 6. Semester DKK 6.525 / Approx. Euro 870
  • 7. Semester DKK 49.350 / Approx. Euro 6.580

Total DKK 302.625 / Approx. Euro 40.350

Please note that the prices listed may change. You will receive information regarding payment for the upcoming semester once you are admitted.