Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology

Our Bachelor Program of Engineering in Biotechnology combines biology, chemistry and science of engineering

During the studies you will learn to apply in depth  knowledge of biochemical and biotechnological processes according to production of drugs (medicine), food industry and environmental challenges.

A program with a high degree of interaction between theory and practice
As a Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology you acquire a wide range of career opportunities in the global job market - in Denmark or abroad …
The sixth term of your studies is designated to an internship at an engineering company.
The Municipality of Kalundborg guarantees accommodation for students.

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Why take an education in Kalundborg, you might think?

There can actually be a very good reason to do so. Just like Silicon Valley has become centre for all kinds of internet companies, a number of world leading biotechnological companies have settled in and around Kalundborg. This creates a unique environment. And it is really quite special to be part of. 

Dorthe Kjær Pedersen
Head of Center and Campus, Campus Kalundborg

Contact our student ambassador

Mario Fernandez

I am from Spain and I am studying the Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology on my 3rd semester. 

I am 21 years old and before moving to Kalundborg in Denmark I lived for 7 years in Sweden. 

If You have any Questions or if you want to be 'Student for af dagy' you are welcome to contact me by mail. You can write me in Spanish, English or Swedish:

Otilia Marc

I come from Romania, and I am studying Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology on my 3rd semester.

I am 24 years old and lived for some years in Denmark before I started on the biotech education. 

If you have any Questions or want to be 'Student for a day' you are welcome to contact me by mail in English or Romanian: 

Key facts

Language of instruction

7 terms
(3,5 year)

Application deadline
15 march (International students)

Workload per week
Full time - 37 hours

Minimum 210

Tuition fee for EU Citizens:

Tuition fee for Non-EU Citizens:
€ 7500 per semester

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